August 2021: What’s in Your Bag? On the Go Organizing

The importance of “go bags” were amplified during the pandemic. When you did leave the house for essential errands, you made sure to have your mask, sanitizer, wipes, and a list to get through where you were going rather quickly.
Bogg Bags and the like were easy to clean with soap and water after each outing. Your bag organizing became very utilitarian.
As we venture out more these days, you may be craving your favorite cloth or leather bag, and the mask can now be placed in a side pocket out of sight. During summertime, I prefer a rattan bag that is lighter and makes me feel like I am at the beach even though I am just running to the store. Live the dream.
To save you time and money, we recommend cleaning out your bag after each use and prepare for the next trip. What is the purpose of your trip? What do you need? Who else do you need to carry for?
Ten must have items in your summer bag:
1. Water
2. Wallet
3. Keys
4. Phone
5. Sunglasses in case
6. Sunscreen
7. Snack / snack cash
8. Personal must-have: meds, breath mints, paperwork
9. Mask for medical appointment or solidarity with your grocery workers
Why give up a good habit? Make the space to keep your sanitizer close by as you move from place to place.
The goal is to carry the essentials in the lightest way possible. Travel sizes keep the weight and the clutter to a minimum. Do not sacrifice your health for style, make sure you are comfortable, covered, and collected when you arrive at your destination.
The must haves can apply to many different types of go bags:
Beach bag
Golf bag
Tackle box
Picnic basket
Boat bag
You can apply the same organizing tips to other summer activities, create bags or boxes for bonfires, smores’ kits, beach toys, pool towels and gear, outdoor games, dog walks, garden harvesting, and disaster preparedness.
Consider the activity and type of bag you need:
• Easy to clean? disposable? sustainable?
• Fabric durability? best size and weight to carry?
• Extra storage options e.g., bag organizer / divider or pockets?
• Fits within your vehicle? environment? space?
• An expression / extension of you?
Summer should be easy, breezy; spending five to ten minutes to gather what you need will help you apply focus and energy toward the activity and creates a sense of calm for a problem-free adventure.
Some of us love our bags and we collect many, many variations of them. Keep your essential bag by the door and centralize the rest. Sort down to what you need for specific activities and let go of what doesn’t make the cut. Do keep investment pieces and seasonal alternatives. Across several sources, it’s noted on average an individual owns six to eight bags across a range of products. If you are looking for a downsizing benchmark, six to eight is a probable guideline.
Now that you are organized and ready to go, we wish you safe travels and happy trails!