Mermaid offers four adjacent services to empower your life journey.

Residential & Office Organizing
Mermaid Home Organization 


Home and Home Office Organizing for any interior or exterior space.

Organizing for Daily Systems
Organizing for Pre-pack & Moving
Unpacking & Placement
New Home Set-up


Mind, Body, Soulful Home

Do you have a room where the laundry hangs off the treadmill? A desk where you cannot find the top of it? A closet that stores everything and nothing?
Let us establish organizing systems and solutions that relieve you from feeling overwhelmed and maximize how you use and enjoy each space.
No judgements here. We can create inspired spaces that make life easier for you, that works for how you live. We create spaces that are both peaceful and functional.
You may be experiencing a major life change. This change may require you to use and live in your home in a different, healthful way. We organize your spaces to address the change and help you enjoy this new chapter.

A more purposeful and peaceful home is healthier for your mind+body connection.
We organize spaces that better enables your daily activities AND your special occasions.
We also save you money by reducing the possibility of buying duplicates of what you already have and developing greater awareness to what you need.

2. Occupied Home Staging
Mermaid Home (#mermaidhome)

Selling Your Home?
Coastal Virginia is seeing a large uptick in the housing market.

Our focus is to help realtors and sellers reduce time on market and get top dollars / multiple offers.

Mermaid provides home staging services for occupied homes. We re-purpose the owner’s belongings to stage the house. Mermaid offers a small, curated home staging inventory to create a coastal modern aesthetic as needed.

Mermaid begins with a home staging consultation. The consultation is typically 45-60 minutes, based on square footage, with the Seller and Realtor to discuss goals, needs, and ideas. We gather further information and take pictures.

Then, Mermaid provides the Seller with a home staging report, personalized by-room checklists of what can be done before the house goes on the market.

The report is similar in structure to that of the home inspection report. It provides a wide-ranging list of recommendations and task lists by room. We note the areas where we can further help with decluttering, downsizing, pre-packing and staging.

Our home staging work leverages industry best practices including furniture placement, window treatment and rug use, and other industry best practices. We use what the owners already have and supplement as needed. We provide simplicity with a modern touch.

Mermaid makes it easier to live in the home during the selling process with simple organizing systems and quick pick-up processes.

Mermaid practices home staging best practices and received ASP accredited Staging Professional designation in October 2021 (badge to posted soon).

3. Virtual Organizing
Organizing from Home (#OFH)

Virtual Organizing delivers great benefits to our clients at home.

1. You can work with Mermaid from any location in the United States.

2. It is more cost-effective in time (shorter sessions).

3. A personalized approach to develop / sharpen your own organizing skills.

4. Sessions are designed for continuous accountability.

5. Mermaid serves as your coach and cheerleader, sharing best practices and practical advice.

We use a secure Zoom subscription or client preferred web conferencing platforms to work with you via smart devices or your laptop.

How Does It Work?

An initial assessment helps us identify/confirm your goals, dig into pain points and joyful gains, and plan out the virtual organizing priorities.

We request “before” pictures prior or during the assessment.

During the session, think of us as “Mermaid on a Shelf”. From your smart device, you can walk us to anywhere in your house and set us on any shelf in the space you want to work on in that session. We can complete a quick organizing activity or start you on activity you can DIY.

After the session, Mermaid provides you with an organizing workbook filled with recommendation lists and sustainability plans to help you carry on with your goals, build your good habits, and sustain the good work we started together.

4. Room Refresh & Styling
Mermaid Home (#mermaidhome)

Want a new look for the next chapter in your home?

Whatever the life event or just for you, we can create a look that nurtures the change. Better yet, we can create the feeling you want.

Mermaid’s greatest influence is coastal life. We can create a personalized design that reflects the way you live RIVER and BAY LIFE or another regional style that you love.

We enthusiastically follow the current and classic trends of Farmhouse, Rustic, Boho, and Mid-Century.

Our refresh projects are focused on bringing simplicity, style, and function to a space, and we like to repurpose what you already have.

We can also partner with your interior designer, builder, or other vendors/businesses as you need to do the “behind-the-scenes” organizing.

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