How We Work Together


The goal is to create a space that will work best for you.

Depending on the scope of project, we provide a 15-30 minute assessment and planning session focused on identifying your needs, providing recommendations, and creating a tailored plan to organize your space.

Project plans greater than 4 hours can include updating the room layout to maximize purpose and peace.

If it is a 3-4 hour project, we can assess by phone and plan at your home. For a 6-hour project or greater, assessment and planning is done at your home in the room/rooms where the change will take place.


We work together to reset your space.

A planned and custom organization system is established so that you can relax and work in your space any time of day.

Tasks such as decluttering, sorting, organizing, and labeling are done in a way that will make it easier for you to maintain your space.

Donations will be taken to the charity of your choice.


We close the session with a helpful plan + tips that can help you keep your space easy and peaceful.


Update the room style that best expresses you:

  • Identify a current / classic look for your space
  • Recommend paint colors
  • Recommend window treatments, lighting, storage, and decor
  • Repurpose your prized possessions, e.g., wall gallery, time capsule
  • Place organization solutions

Service Packages

We provide a proposal with pricing after an assessment of the space(s).

The assessment helps us confirm your goals and priorities and determine a scope of work unique to your needs.

We offer a variety of packages and recommend the best match to your need, priorities, budget, time, and the space(s).

Organize Your Space – One Room up to 4 hours of decluttering, downsizing, and organizing onsite.

Organize Your Space – Two Rooms up to 8 hours of decluttering, downsizing, and organizing onsite.

Organize Your Space – Holistic Home is suitable for pre-moving, staging unpacking, and placement, and comprehensive downsizing onsite. It offers a range of tasks and hours driven by your priorities and objectives. Based on 3 rooms or greater.

Refresh & Style Your Space – Mermaid Momentum is a personalized set of hours dedicated to organizing system or solution implementation, style recommendations and product sourcing, color consultation, furniture placement, and organizing workflow development onsite. This package can be separate or added to a package above.

Refresh Your Space – Mermaid Motivation is a monthly or quarterly subscription to ongoing organizing services. This is perfect for moms, workers from home, long-shift workers, and business owners. We continue to update your organizing systems and solutions, giving you more time back for other life priorities.

The monthly package is 2 hours per month (or 24 hours per year), and the quarterly package is 4 hours per quarter (or 16 hours per year).

Virtual Organizing is online coaching, best practices share, and task guidance on how to achieve your organizing goals.

Scheduled as a 1-hour individual session or a set number of sessions at discount. A workbook with resource list is included.

Home Staging Consultation & Occupied Home Staging is for houses about to be placed on the market or need a solution to reduce days on market.

Our home staging consultation includes an onsite visit and a staging report to help relators and owners target key changes that will attract and engage buyers. The report includes a personalized set of recommendations, and as requested, a resource and services list.

Recommendations from the report can be implemented by Mermaid to stage the home using sellers’ items and a curated decor inventory.

For a detailed description and pricing of each package, contact us at

Projects / sessions start after the signature of a Statement of Work. The Statement of Work summarizes scope of work, package description, timeline and plan, pricing, and assumptions.

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