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“Moving full time to a home used as a second home has been challenging. No way I was going to be able to unpack my cook’s kitchen, tiny laundry room, no ample linen closet, etc. We found an ad for Kristine (Mermaid Home Organization) who could help me organize, unpack, create clever ways to get us moved in.

Feeling overwhelmed (by the move), she took on all the online shopping for inexpensive cabinetry, risers, pot rack, spice rack, etc. She did all the measuring of cabinets and brainstormed about shelving.

She actually took me into Richmond, and using my budget, helped me find the exact pieces I needed to make this house “our home”.

She came with a plan to map out each room with the pieces I needed. Her invoicing was complete, showing each hour used and complete product costs. No way this was happening without her. She’s the perfect perfectionist with an out-of-this-world personality.

Certain we all think we can do everything ourselves but the truth is, we can’t. Invite her over, show her the lay of the land and let her get to work. My little kitchen is now more organized than ever before. Unbelievable!!!!”

~Michele N

“Our project (with Mermaid) has been my most productive household activity since the COVID outbreak.

(Sorting, organizing, and packing) the totes and these shelves would not have happened without your (Kristine’s) incredible ability to patiently guide me through a voluminous and overwhelming organization/ clean-up project. Thank you!!”

~ Karen L

“I can’t recommend Mermaid Consulting Services highly enough. Kristine is a master organizer who has helped me sort through the multi-generational boxes that accumulated, first in my parents’ home, and then in my own in the aftermath of a cross-country move to a much smaller house.

Kristine has a keen mind for coming up with practical and creative solutions to make the most of your space, as well as, finding innovative cost-effective and user-friendly ways of repurposing old spaces and identifying potential storage nooks that many people might overlook.”

~Katie H

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