What are the Next Steps?

Step 1: Contact Kristine directly in the office at (804) 758-5814, by email at or our Facebook page Mermaid Home by Mermaid Consulting Services.

Step 2: Complete an assessment call to discuss your project’s goals, priorities, and requirements.

Then, schedule the date and time of the first in-person or virtual session. Confirm duration of session based on need.

Kristine will provide references upon request.

Step 3: For all sessions / projects, receive a Proposal within 48 hours of the call by e-mail.

Once the Proposal with pricing is approved by you, a Statement of Work is prepared – Scope of Work, Deliverables, Schedule, and Pricing and Assumptions.

Step 4: After your signature on the Statement of Work, confirm start date and time. Start work!

Other Requests

If you would like to…

1. Schedule an introduction call about Mermaid
2. Request a Monthly Newsletter subscription
3. Request a Blog topic
4. Request Follower bonuses
5. Request a speaking engagement or interview
6. Request community support.

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